Singles by Eli Driftwood.

by Eli Driftwood

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First song of 2015 by Eli Driftwood.


released August 30, 2015

Written and recorded by Elliot Brown.



all rights reserved


Eli Driftwood Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Johnnie Walker Blue
I pay for your body,
I pay for the right to spend the night with you,
Johnnie Walker Blue,
Night's looming, I'm grooming your neck and
We need a room to check into, Johnnie Walker Blue,
I like the way you burn me, just how I need,
And how you turn my little part to a lead,
Companion till morning, my horn will
Echo through the canyon for you, Johnnie Walker Blue

I'm missing her kissing, that, this and
All the other bad things we've been through, Johnnie Walker Blue,
Companion till morning, still-born in
Some Kilmarnock cavern were you, Johnnie Walker Blue?
And I let go of everybody who cared,
I hold you close because I'm still running scared,
You cost her, I lost her, for choosing,
I'd never dream of losing you, Johnnie Walker Blue

And if I rise before the sun lies back down,
I surmise I just might invite you back 'round,
Companion till morning, still pouring,
Till my heart and brain are torn in two, Johnnie Walker Blue.
Track Name: Over You
Lonely eye in the blue gliding on by,
Glimmering over you,
Same star that I see shining on me,
Trynna get over you,

Blue days hiding away,
If I were to see you what would I say?

Why do the minutes in the small hours crawl?
Why are my thoughts all over you?

I told myself to control myself,
Get a hold of myself,
Get up and get over you,

Taken me everything I've got,
Been crying all night because I'm not over you?

Sun shine down on the sea,
Think of the blue days waiting for me,

Why do the hours in the late night crawl?
Why are my thoughts all over you,

And now you're gone, though I'm never alone
I'm no one, a homeless sole-sun,
I'll never be over you.
Track Name: Valentino (Mad, Mad, Mad)
Valentino (Mad, Mad, Mad)

by Elliot Brown and Tucker Zimmerman

There was a fight across the street on Friday,
Someone, it seemed, owed somthing to someone,
The town was watching Idol at the masons,
And Mrs Darcy swore she heard a gun,
And I run back on home to Valentino,
My brother's acting strange a week or more,
He wouldn't leave the room at all on Thursday,
I've changed some names and places for the law,

Mad, mad, mad baby,
Mad, mad, mad,
Whole damn town's gone crazy,
And I lost the best friend I ever had,

This vacant town has taken sick on medicine,
The roads are only used for driving through,
The statue of the founder's kept well polished,
For any empty traveller to view,
This wicked town is sick on its own medicine,
It's hard to tell the sound ones from the sane
And Mrs Darcy's done her rounds by sunrise,
Sweeping all the crime-scenes from the drain,


The Hall clan are like tits on so much oxen,
They're either leaning on or behind bars,
Daddy said the only Hall worth oxygen,
Is Two-Step Tom who stands there counting cars,
But even on a bad day they'd do something,
That wouldn't have to do with getting high,
But crystal meth came visiting this winter,
And doesn't seem to want to say goodbye,


My brother drove my car away this morning,
I gave him one week's wage from mopping floor,
The mist came down on this old town at sunrise,
There's nothing left to shine on anymore,
Drive on to the border Valentino,
The cracking skies are breaking up for you,
Don't cross the white lines on the road my brother,
And you can tell Eliza Hall she's welcome too,

Track Name: Another Mile (When I Lose Sight of Jesus)
When I would chose the lonely grave
And disregard the life He gave,
When all the shame on earth's to much to stand,
When even Gospel cannot heal
The pain inside the soul I feel,
And no one soul on earth could hold my hand,

When I lose sight of Jesus,
When I lose sight of Jesus,
When I lose sight of Jesus for a while,
I know that He can see me there,
'Cause walking right behind me there's
My Saviour carrying me another mile.

Another mile, another mile,
Jesus carrying me another mile.
How can I repay Him for
The sacrifice, and pain He bore,
When He's still carrying me another mile?

I close my eyes and seal my lips
And tremble to my fingertips
To think of all the wickedness I've done,
The gates of Hell are closing tight
And there's no glimpse of Holy Light
Feels like the night of Judgement has begun.