Singles by Eli Driftwood.

by Eli Driftwood

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First song of 2015 by Eli Driftwood.


released August 30, 2015

Written and recorded by Elliot Brown.



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Eli Driftwood Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: Another Mile (When I Lose Sight of Jesus)
When I would chose the lonely grave
And disregard the life He gave,
When all the shame on earth's to much to stand,
When even Gospel cannot heal
The pain inside the soul I feel,
And no one soul on earth could hold my hand,

When I lose sight of Jesus,
When I lose sight of Jesus,
When I lose sight of Jesus for a while,
I know that He can see me there,
'Cause walking right behind me there's
My Saviour carrying me another mile.

Another mile, another mile,
Jesus carrying me another mile.
How can I repay Him for
The sacrifice, and pain He bore,
When He's still carrying me another mile?

I close my eyes and seal my lips
And tremble to my fingertips
To think of all the wickedness I've done,
The gates of Hell are closing tight
And there's no glimpse of Holy Light
Feels like the night of Judgement has begun.
Track Name: Over You
Lonely eye in the blue gliding on by,
Glimmering over you,
Same star that I see shining on me,
Trynna get over you,

Blue days hiding away,
If I were to see you what would I say?

Why do the minutes in the small hours crawl?
Why are my thoughts all over you?

I told myself to control myself,
Get a hold of myself,
Get up and get over you,

Taken me everything I've got,
Been crying all night because I'm not over you?

Sun shine down on the sea,
Think of the blue days waiting for me,

Why do the hours in the late night crawl?
Why are my thoughts all over you,

And now you're gone, though I'm never alone
I'm no one, a homeless sole-sun,
I'll never be over you.